Project support and advice

Get help from us, it pays off!

Knowing what is required for risk assessment and CE marking of machines can be difficult. That is why we offer to help you get organized on your machine safety work through project support and advice.

What can we help you with in your machine safety work?

We can help you through the whole process or parts of it. We can help you get started with risk assessments and CE marking.

  • We can give you project support in your machine safety work.
  • We can help you set the right level of measures, requirements for suppliers and the like.
  • We can help you find the right level risk assessments and actions in CEDOC
  • We can be your external project assistant and monitor your interests regarding machine safety and CE marking through procurement – risk assessment – action proposal – action plan – project completion.
  • We can help you with new, old or rebuilt machines or machine lines. as your personal “project assistant” throughout the project.

What we do to help you

How we help you depends entirely on what requirements you have. We tailor the service based on each customer and the needs of the specific company.

Contact us, we will be happy to help and get you started!

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