Safety related control circuits and SISTEMA

The Machinery Directive places requirements on safety-related parts (protective functions) of control systems and control circuits, we help you to interpret and fulfill the requirements!

Requirements are made, among other things, on manufacturers of machines to document protective functions. The safety features are a feature that is there to protect you and your workmates, such as interlocking or emergency stop circuits. We assist you in interpreting and fulfilling requirements set in the development of safety-related parts of control systems for machines and process equipment according to standard EN ISO 13849-1.

How we help you with applicable safety related control circuits?

  • We can develop specifications for compliance with applicable requirements.
  • We can provide guidance in the design and technical execution of protection functions.
  • We can help you with validation of safety-related parts of control systems according to EN ISO 13849-2 and verification with the help of SISTEMA.
  • We offer courses in secure control systems (see below)

Course in safety related control systems

We also offer a specific course in this subject. The course explains, among other things, how to work with identified protection functions and explain how to apply EN ISO 13849-1 to these. Read more about the course CE-in-depth “Safety related control circuits” and SISTEMA.