Risk assessment

We at JL Safety have worked actively since 1995 with practical risk assessments and CE marking, which has led to us being a market leader in the subject.

We use our experience and help you and your company find the right level for your risk assessments. The projects are run in various industries such as workshops, food, wood and plastic. We benefit from interpretations and solutions from different industries that would otherwise be difficult to find. We are happy to share our experience and provide advice and tips in both procurement and practical design choices.

How can we help you with risk assessment?

  • We have the expertise, experience and technology that we share.
  • We can be your sounding board in your work with risk assessment and CE marking.
  • You can use our experience from many years in the profession and different industries.
  • We can help you get a time-efficient structure on your documentation.

What is risk assessment?

A risk assessment is an assessment of the risk of being injured when working with machines, for example. Why risk assessment? Risk assessment and risk analysis are done to best prevent accidents at the workplace. There are laws that help you keep your machines safe for employees and reduce risks. One of these laws is called the Machine Directive (read more about the Machine Directive).

How do we make risk assessments?

We make our risk assessments in the CEDOC program that we ourselves have been developing. CEDOC is a tool that structures and simplifies work on risk assessments and CE marking of machines.

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